New Year, New You

And just like that a new year is upon us! It seems almost surreal that we are saying adios to 2019 and hola to 2020. I love the beginning of the new year with its infectious spirit of new resolutions and goals. It is amazing what a brand new year can do for you as it gives you the opportunity to start over, reset, and focus on goals, old and new. It is awe-inspiring when you see your family and friends focus in on a commitment and for me this has historically been really hard for me to choose only one goal that I could stick with. This year I promised myself to keep it easy and pick one thing to be my new years resolution instead of many.  I decided rather than the standard routine of making promises about working out more or to give up eating desserts, which seems way too insane to give up, instead, I am going to try new things – I want to focus on doing things that I would not do in the past because I thought I couldn’t or have not tried it before.

I hit the ground running right at the beginning of the new year and took skateboarding lessons with some girlfriends. As nervous as I was, I knew this would be the perfect thing to kick off my new years resolution of trying new things. My husband cautioned me to be careful and my daughters encouraged me to try it, so I happily wore all of my daughters padded safety gear that I bought her when she begged for a skateboard last Christmas and ripped it up at  the SkatePark of Tampa. We had an awesome instructor who was very supportive given the million questions we had and he helped me gain my confidence on my moves.  See the picture below of me shredding it up or really, me pretty much fast walking on a skateboard. Let’s just say the real skaters didn’t love this mom coming in hot, more like, super slow, however, I won some points with my little girls at home as now my girls know I will try anything and so should they. I also won some cool mom points with them which is always a bonus.

I hope this year for you puts you out of your comfort zone  and that you challenge yourself to push the limits on what you think you can or can not do. However you take risk this year, try something new, do something different, you may just find out you’re so much stronger than you thought. 


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