Hey gang! My sweet daughter has been begging me to write on my blog… She has really upped her writing game the last few years and has written a ton of short stories and now is working on a novel. She is an aspiring author so I could not resist to give her the chance to express herself in a blog. Here is her raw, unfiltered by me, blog post. After I read it, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride as sometimes this Mom/work gig can make you feel like you aren’t enough and today I can say I absolutely am. I am more than enough to her and so I am deeply humbled and blessed she is my daughter. Enjoy her introductory blog post, I am positive there is more to come and I swear I did not put her up to these kind words at all!

Hello, my name is Isabella Iarossi and I am proud to be the daughter of Brooke Iarossi, who founded the real estate company, Nest. I have always looked up to my mother for everything, and because she’s running an original business it really contributes to me and my younger sister to help understand leadership, creativity, and persistence. I feel that the job of a real estate broker can be filled with obstacles one day and a little more relaxing another, but my mom glides through each day with such grace and happiness as though her job is as easy as breathing, my mom loves her job and I feel that she was born for it. There’s more to real estate then just selling houses, you must inform and help your client the whole way, and this is how a client can become life-long friends with their broker. I feel that my mother shows this exactly, every client that I’ve known my mother has worked with still holds a place on my her contact list. Sometimes, she still gets together with them! Anybody can go out and work, but it’s only few that can go and cherish their work and really love it from the bottom of their heart, while helping their client get what they’re hoping for. I know for a fact that my mother is one of those people.

-Isabella Iarossi, age 10

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