Closing Day Details

Let’s be honest for one moment. Yes, buying a house is exciting and fun but it IS stressful. The overwhelming list of things you need to do prior to buying a home and on closing day can make any person consider therapy. At nest real estate co. I give our clients a handy list of things they can do before closing day to help make sure they can be fully present in the moment and focus on the other details of the big day.

5 things you can do before closing that will make you want to do a high -5 jump in the air! 

    1. Turn on utilities In getting ready to close, you will need to make sure all utilities have been transferred to your name at the move-in date. Having the utilities transferred over into your name beforehand, versus having to get them turned back on after they’ve been shut off, will usually save you the expense of having to pay connection fees.
    2.  Call your CABLE GUY OR GAL- For most home owners transferring cable and internet services can be easily overlooked with everything else on their plate. It’s important to go ahead and call your service provider a week or two out to make sure you get ahead of their busy schedule. This will ensure your service will be able to be installed on your move in day and if your lucky your cable guy won’t be anything like Jim Carrey’s character who never goes away.
    3. Final walk through- The final walk-through of your new home will take place a day or two before closing. You and your agent will make sure that the home is in the same or better condition as it was during the inspection period, with all repairs completed that were negotiated.
    4. Review your settlement statement –The Settlement Statement is your closing statement and is prepared by your lender and title company. We should have a copy to look over and approve at least 3 days prior to closing. This document will have the exact amount of money that you will need to bring to closing.
    5. Set up your wire transfer – Once you have reviewed your settlement statement and confirmed with your lender the fees required, head to your bank and set up the wire transfer for funds. Each bank is different and can take various times depending on their specific guidelines so this needs to be reviewed and set up days in advance to avoid any day of headaches.

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