7 Reasons to Hire a Professional

  1. Experience – You hear this hot word used all the time. The real estate market is multifaceted and hiring a nest real estate agent who knows the market place from years of proven solid sales experience can be your no. 1 guide on what to except from listing to closing. We can best prepare you with realistic expectations and set the entire stage for a successful real estate transaction.
  2. Negotiation– A real estate agent is not emotionally attached to your home and therefore is free objectively to consider offers and negotiate on your behalf. At nest real estate co. we strive to be an even better negotiator than the next agent and know how to get you the most for your home without sacrificing your bottom line.
  3. Staging- Real estate agents look at a ton of homes. A ton. Of homes. Therefore, a good agent would be the best source for helping you stage a home. At nest real estate co., this is something we offer within our scope of work as an added benefit given our vast knowledge in this area.
  4. Dedication– Are you prepared to answer all of the calls and questions you will get regarding your home? Do you have the time to stop everything you are doing to get home and show the house yourself? Will you eagerly welcome all of the consumers who will be inquiring on your home at all times of the day? At nest real estate co. we love this part of our “job”. This is where we shine. Let us take this stress out of your lives and do what we do best and effectively manage communications and showings so you can focus on other important tasks like dinner.
  5. Advertising–  A real estate agent has access to a huge network of other real estate professionals who have prospective buyers. At nest real estate co. we have decades of experience – hot word- that have granted us the benefit of a large network of agents. This fancy sentence means we know people who know people. Call us, it helps having a brokerage in the know. In addition, we have been marketing homes again for a long long time to maximize exposure which in turn leads to more offers.
  6. Knowledge– At nest real estate co. we pride ourselves on knowing the current market- today. We are dialed in and have the most updated details on what homes are selling for and how fast. This cannot be replaced by someone who doesn’t work within the market or is selling their own home for the first time.
  7. Qualifying -A great agent can determine if prospective buyers are real or not. This is not an easy thing to determine and since we have over 20 years of real estate experience- hot word-  at nest real estate co. in the market, we qualify our buyers immediately.

The real deal is hiring a brokerage who can do all of these things and make the whole process a little fun. I am not going to brag or anything but we actually do fun just as much as we harness the above qualities. Give us a call or drop us an email if you are interested in buying or selling and we would love to sit down with you to discuss details. Sounds fun, right?

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