Worth the Wait

Open houses are usually a hit or miss. Sometimes they can be jam packed and you can have a thousand leads and other times you can have only one really uninterested person drop by to look around at your client’s home for design tips or to snag those cookies you have out. On really special occasions, if you’re lucky enough, a smiling bright couple will walk through your doors and right into your heart! This is just what happened to me at one of my open houses. You can call it luck, you can call it perfect timing, whatever it is, I say thank you to whatever made them come into my open house that one Saturday, thank you for bringing me Jill & Grady (soon to be the Wilson family).

Not only did their bright smiles and open hearts capture my attention but their true desire to make Florida their new home. After recently moving down all the way from Chicago and Ohio, they were in for some changes in climate and home desires. They were first time homebuyers as well, which I deeply adore working with because the special first time you buy is really unforgettable. Jill & Grady were up for the challenge and we all ended up realizing they couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for the Florida lifestyle. We looked at a few, okay maybe a ton, of houses, but we finally found the right one. And boy was it worth the wait!

Check out the Florida pool home they have been waiting for in an adorable neighborhood.

Thank you Jill & Grady for choosing nest to guide you home and for mostly being fantastic clients who I now call friends. I cannot wait to see your family grow in this gorgeous house.

Welcome Wilson Family!



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