Mermaid Quarters

Y’all I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for pumpkins and fall-but I would be lying to you if I didn’t also express how sad I feel that summer is officially over. The first day of fall may be exciting for those who are actually able to drink hot coffee outdoors in September. Right now in Tampa the temp is 87 and the humidity is 1000. This makes your steaming hot pumpkin spice latte less exciting because now you have to choose an iced option. Have you ever had an iced pumpkin spiced latte? It is a let down, you are warned. 

Because I can’t jump into a beautiful pile of dried leaves in my cashmere sweater right now I want to reminisce about summer just for one more second… I want to share with you guys, my wonderful readers, one of my favorite little beach houses I viewed with a client on Ana Maria Island this summer. It is exactly what a perfect Florida beach home consists of;

  1. Concrete block construction. This is important when you are near the beach. The concrete frame with the stucco siding will help withstand any severe hurricane winds that will and I say will eventually come. 
  2. Tile floors. Ok so I know how much everyone loves wood floors, but in a beach house-if you use it properly, sand will show up uninvited. To stand up to the invasion of sand, tile floors are a great challenger and will make the clean up of sand that much easier. Even better these days are tile floors made to look like wood floors! Can you believe it? Genius idea and a  home run for us Florida homeowners. 
  3. Pool. Thats right. As if living walking distance to the white beaches wasn’t enough to make for a perfect house a pool makes it that much better. Many see a pool as such high maintenance and that having one when the beach is so close may seem as unnecessary, but in fact, it actually is the perfect addition. It is the best spot to cool off after the hot beach and leave that unwanted sand in the pool and not on your floors. Pro tip- rinse off before you jump into the pool so that you get even less sand into that beautiful pool!  

Look how cute this place is! I may be able to swallow an iced pumpkin spiced latte on this porch if you twist my arm… the location and view are that good! 


My little bosses were actually excited to visit this house more so compared to others they have to endure each week!

Goodbye Summer – here we come Fall!

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