March Madness

Tournaments ended. Vacations cancelled.  School closed. LIVES LOST. The last words are so hard to type and makes the others seem so insignificant…..

The rippling effect of COVID-19 has taken us all by surprise. In the uncertain time we all face, know this now more than ever,


As this unfolds before our eyes and each minute changes what we learn, I am focusing my best (which is not easy) to maintain a positive hope for a cure and a strong belief  that this will end as quickly as it came. Because this situation has left me and many feeling very out of control, I have to remember that I can, WE can make progress from this. I believe this quarantine will grant us the needed space to dive inward and focus on ourselves and our families.

What I have realized over these past 2 weeks is what I can control, which is my gratitude. My gratitude is strong and my faith is stronger. I have chosen to rely on the two of those things to help in this time. I am grateful for a supportive husband who helps pick up where I leave off with our daughters. I am grateful for the little moments I can have with the ones I love the most. I am grateful for a career where I can still do my job virtually. I am grateful for the frequent messages and FaceTime calls I have with my family and lovely friends. I am grateful for this blog to be able to reach out to my readers and let them know I care.

I cannot say enough thank you’s to the first responders and the medical personnel who are risking their lives to help others who are ill. I cannot say enough praise for the teachers in the world. Thank you for your patience and dedication to teaching our youth. These groups of people should be recognized and loved very much now and when this is all over. We are better because of them. 

Remember to stay home & stay healthy. Eat well, exercise, sleep, and do all of those things you never had time for. Now you do, no excuses!

These are some things I am reading and watching that are helping my mind stay happy and positive. If you find yourself needing something to read or watch when in between fridge visits and manic cleaning, here are my current obsessions:

Podcast I am loving right now is Super Soul Sunday with Oprah

Netflix obsession – Goop Lab by Gwyneth Paltrow, love her!  Is anyone interested in snow yoga? Yes I am!

Current Read – Where the Crawdads Sing – By Delia Owens

Best show to watch with kids A Series of Unfortunate Events – Neil Patrick Harris is so good in this! My family is loving this.

And the best video that makes me cry every time, happy tears that is! Live Lip Dub

What are you doing to keep your mind positive?

I would love to hear what you are doing during the quarantine, please share some of your favorite reads or shows !

In best health and hopefulness,



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