For the love of Tampa

Real estate is on fire in Florida. Especially here in Tampa. Right now is the time to be in Tampa and we are thrilled that everyone else in the nation is noticing why Tampa is such a hot spot to live in. After we made such an impact while hosting the 2017 college football national championship game, people have taken note.  It’s not just the close proximity to the gorgeous beaches and sunny days we can brag about to our northern friends, but the various corners of the special neighborhoods and surrounding cities that make up Tampa- shout out to the Burg for revitalizing itself and becoming another “it” place to call home- that ultimately make this a forever destination to millennials and families.

Those of us who have been here for over a decade realized a long time ago that this area gives us an amazing outdoor life, a variety of sports teams to cheer on, culture, arts, and diversity, all while still remaining a humble and sweet town that you would expect from a southern city. In Tampa you can order a cupcake by ATM at Sprinkles in the revamped Hyde Park Village, head to Seminole Heights for the most delicious bowl of ramen noodles your inner college kid would be jealous of at Ichicoro, tour a local brewery like 3 daughters, bike ride the Riverwalk to parks and yummy restaurants, visit the Dali museum, or enjoy our annual Gasparilla parade and events just to name a few.  I didn’t even mention the rich history of Tampa Theater or the beautiful Bayshore Blvd, I could go on and on with the pearls of Tampa…. In brief summary, life is really good here in Tampa.

Know what is even better news than that? Tampa’s median home listing price is $268,000, up from $150,000 in two short years from 2015, and the median home closing price is $189,000! These numbers are insanely lower than many other popular cities in the nation, so it is no surprise why Tampa is taking off given the above average lifestyle you can have for a below average price. Not to mention the return on investment in a short amount of time is reassuring when purchasing a new home. Head over to nest now so they can help you become a local and become part of the hype here in exciting Tampa!

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